Choosing the Right Corporation

Examine Options Carefully for Organizing Your Business If you?re like most owners of growing firms, you might wonder about the best way to protect your personal assets and conduct your daily activities. For some businesses, forming a corporation is the best solution. Others benefit most from the creation of a Limited Liability Partnership. Suppose that […]

8 Things that Could Trigger a Business Audit

Whether you’re doing taxes for your own business or a client’s business, the small ? but real ? possibility exists for an audit. Understanding the chances of an audit and what the Internal Revenue Service may pay particular attention to can help you and your client during an audit, if and when one occurs. What […]

5 Ways to Prepare to Buy a Home

This is a good year for buying a home, as prices are beginning to rise, interest rates are still low, and homeowner tax breaks are still available. To help get the best value from your purchase, consider these five ways to help you prepare to buy a home in today?s market. Check Your Credit Building […]