Peer Lending as an Alternative Funding Option

Sometimes people look for alternative lending sources because they have credit issues and can?t find a lender that will loan them money. When this happens, the sources they find might charge interest rates much higher than the current market rate. Other times, however, borrowers with perfectly good qualifications will look for an alternative lender for […]

It’s All Greek to the Markets

The major stock price indices continued in a generally positive track through most of June, but with subdued trading activity. Technology stocks led the way, with the Nasdaq 100 up 19 percent over the past 12 months, an increase that is almost double the 10 percent logged by the Standard & Poor?s 500 Index. Analysts […]

Tax and Financial News for July 2015

Tax Strategies For Selling Your Business – A Family Affair? When it comes to selling your business, finding an optimal tax strategy depends on the purchaser. Transferring a business inside a family requires very different tactics and treatment compared to a sale to an independent third party. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy; the best tax […]